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Regulated Learning for All is a professional development program promoting self-regulated classroom learning. We aim to support all students with the skills necessary to become self-directed learners. The information and tools we provide in this training for educators benefit all students of all learning abilities.

An educational approach that gives teachers the knowledge, tools, and support to empower students to manage their thoughts, behaviors, and emotions for an optimum learning environment.

This Training is For:

  • General Educators
  • Learning Support Teachers
  • School Counselors
  • Educational Specialists
  • Shadow Teachers
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Speech Therapists
  • Learning Assistants
  • School Psychologists

What is Self-regulated Learning?

Self-regulated learning is a process that assists students in managing their thoughts, behaviors, and emotions in order to successfully navigate their learning experiences (Zumbrunn, Tadlock, & Roberts, 2011). It is a cyclical process wherein the student plans for a task, monitors their performance, and then reflects on the outcome.

Participant Testimonials

The presentation on self-regulated learning was simply outstanding. The speakers explained the concept clearly and provided practical strategies that can be implemented in the classroom. Our staff is excited to schedule training to further enhance our teaching practices and improve student outcomes.


School Administrator

Fantastic, both in content and presentation. The Sensory Break ideas struck me as something we can immediately discuss with teachers. Your programme fits in with where we want our teachers and staff to be heading. Thank you again for your generosity in sharing such valuable resources.

K. S.

Learning Support Teacher

Your speeches were very inspiring! Thank you so much for the wonderful presentation and all the information and tools that you taught us! Thank you and keep inspiring children and adults around the world!

Inkyung C.

Individual Learning Assistant

This presentation was informative, accessible, and supported by some excellent slides. She was very open to answering any questions, giving sound, practical and helpful advice. I would recommend this presentation if you want to know more about how to support your child.

Kate S.


What Regulated Learning Looks Like

Sensory Regulation

Sufficient energy sustained throughout the day.

Ability to recoup after challenging situations.

Able to filter out extraneous input in order to attend.

Able to follow routines and adjust to changes in routine.

Able to use strategies or tools effectively to support engagement.

Coordinated movements and safe navigation around the school.



Resiliency- the ability to recover from challenging situations.

Willingness and interest to experiment and learn.

Open to a wide range of strategies.

Healthy self-esteem.

Ability to understand and respond to others' feelings appropriately.

Effective communicator

Sense of humor.

Empathy- the capacity to care about others' feelings.

Cognitive Regulation

Switch focus as the task requires.

Plan and execute sequential steps.

Willing to try a different approach when one fails to work.

Manage time effectively

Understanding of own strengths/needs.

Ability to get started.

Able to ask for support or use learning tools that are available to maintain the organization of materials.

Self-regulation is a crucial skill that helps students manage their emotions, behavior, and attention in the classroom.

Training Opportunities

Creating a Culture of Self-Regulated Learning in Schools

Interactive Professional

Development Training

(4-6 hours)

Provides teachers with an in-depth look at self-regulated learning through neuroscience and educational lenses. Participants will gain tools to build awareness within the classroom, supports to monitor students’ regulation, and tools and strategies to help self-regulation for all within the school.

Part 1:

Theory & Foundations of Regulated Learning

All educators - 2 hrs

Part 2:

Tools, Strategies, & Implementation

Early Childhood & Primary School - 2hrs

Secondary (Middle/High school) - 2 hrs

Empowering Educators: Mastering Self-Regulated Learning Techniques in the Classroom

Virtual Professional

Development Workshop

(8 weeks)

This innovative, interactive, and personalized training program is designed specifically for educators looking to broaden their understanding of self-regulated learning components and promote self-regulation in their students. Through instruction and guidance from the presenters, this workshop provides a unique opportunity for educators to work as a cohort to plan, reflect and share ideas with others about implementing self-regulation supports and strategies in the classroom. By working collaboratively with other educators, participants will gain valuable insights and strategies that can help them create a more effective and engaging learning environment for their students. Download the brocure HERE.

Building Students' Independence through Self-Regulated Learning

Onsite In-service Training

(1.5 hours)

This in-service aims to broaden teachers’ understanding of self-regulation and provide an overview of strategies to support self-regulation within the general education classroom.

Self-regulation Success at Home

Parent Workshop


Equips parents with practical yet effective tools to support their children in creating autonomous self-regulation strategies. In addition, parents will share the same knowledge and use common terminology so they can work together with educators toward promoting independent regulation skills across all environments.

Meet the Developers

of Regulated Learning for All

American Board Certified & Licensed Occupational Therapists with over 50 years of combined experience working with thousands of families, children, parents, teachers, and professionals in community, home, hospital, clinical, and educational settings around the world.

Elizabeth Joy Shaffer, OTD, OTR/L

A pediatric OT, speaker, parent mentor, and published researcher who is passionate about helping all children, especially those with autism, ADD/ADHD, and other complex needs. Over the past 20+ years, she has provided occupational therapy interventions to children from early childhood to high school. Elizabeth currently resides in Tallinn, Estonia but has lived and worked in Canada, Romania, Argentina, Northern Macedonia, Italy, and the United States. In addition to working with children, she educates professionals and parents through onsite and online workshops. She is the founder of Therapeutic Innovations International, LLC, and co-creator of The Empowered Parent. For more information on Dr. Shaffer and her work, go to

Kristi Troutman, OTR/L

As a pediatric OT, Kristi works with students and collaborates closely with teachers and families to build independence in the areas of self-regulation, activities of daily living, functional school skills, and transition skills. She is well-versed in assessments of environments and identifying necessary adaptations to ensure student success. She is a proponent of parent and teacher training to help students generalize skills across environments. Kristi has 30+ years of experience working in the United States, China, and the Netherlands, where she currently resides. She is the founder of Bridges to Benchmarks and the co-creator of The Empowered Parent. For more information, please visit

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